Furniture Store Makes Sure Neighborhood Dogs Have A Nice Place To Sleep

The world is filled with stray dogs that do their best to survive in the outside world on their own. How they yearn for the kindness shown to them by humans. These creatures lead a life filled with numerous difficulties. However, there are some cultures that look out for strays by providing them with food and shelter. One such culture exists in Turkey.

Turkish people are known for their kindness towards street dogs. Some businesses provide these animals with shelter during the winter season. One business, in particular, is ensuring that stray dogs have a comfortable place to lodge in. On his way to work, Dr. Cem Baykal usually passes a furniture store going by the name Istikbal Mobile.

Recently something caught his eye as he made his way past the store. He observed two stray dogs curled up fast asleep right in front of the shop. The interesting part was that these creatures were not sleeping on the ground. Instead, they were napping on a mattress. It was very much evident that the store owners had laid out the mattresses for the strays.

“The owner of this shop puts one of the beds (with a plastic cover on it) in front of the shop. This bed may be the one they sell that day or it may be one of the incoming ones. These two stray dogs lay and sleep there every time,” reported Baykal. He even made sure to get to know the two dogs well and one of them assisted him when crossing the street on a rainy day.

Apparently the furniture store has made it their duty to help stray dogs and they are willing to go the extra mile for these innocent creatures. “This street is known as a rich area and everyone gives food or water to the local dogs and cats, but no one supplies quality bedding to them normally,” expressed Baykal. Only this shop does so. Their kindness towards these helpless creatures is certainly admirable. Don’t you agree?

Image Credit & More Info; CEM BAYKAL | (H/T; thedodo)