Dogs Discover How Tasty The Sunflowers Are While Their Photoshoot

Sometimes a plot twist is just what you need to make things interesting and that’s exactly what Agnieszka Ciszynka got. She planned on having a photoshoot in a sunflower field in Poland featuring her three white Swiss shepherds. Even though she expected the photoshoot to go smoothly the dogs had other plans in their minds. Instead of posing with the flowers, the dogs decided to taste-test the sunflowers.

Even though the photo shoot did not go according to plan, Agnieszka was able to capture the pure essence of her dogs. The dogs ended up fooling around in the field of sunflowers. The owner then shared the images on Facebook and people were thrilled to see the unique images. “And as it turned out, people loved the result – maybe in such hard times, a good laugh is what everybody needs,” conveyed Agnieszka.

#1. A three-in-one package.

Her dream of capturing elegant portraits was replaced with funny images. Since the sunflowers were tall Agnieszka’s friend had to act as a stool for the dogs to pose on top of. In the end, the dogs were more focused on running around the field and munching on sunflowers. The adorable images were captured by Agnieszka’s husband, a self-taught photographer named Michal. The photographs were then edited and shared on social media by Agnieszka.

#2. Got that model look on.

#3. You are now my slave hooman. Do as I say or prepare to suffer the consequences.

#4. Sunflowers are yummy.

#5. Staring at the distance with solemn eyes.

#6. Kisses are mandatory.

#7. Who knew that sunflowers tasted so good?

#8. I don’t need meat anymore. I prefer sunflowers instead.

#9. When you came to pose with the sunflowers but end up eating them instead.

#10. Just look at those adorable smiles on their faces.

#11. These dogs are quite the pros as posing.

#12. And into the wild we go.

#13. Now this is what looking smart means.

#14. Off for a good swim.

#15. Breathtaking images do exist.

Image Credit & More Info; whitevalhallawolves/instagram | facebook