Photographer Captures The Autumn Idyll Of Squirrels

Dick Van Dujin is a photographer with a passion for photographing wildlife. His newest collection featuring squirrels carrying a nut over a lake during autumn time is absolutely sensational. “What I love most about Autumn are the beautiful colors. I really like it when you’re able to photograph an animal with those colors in the background,” he conveyed. Dick has managed to capture the essence of autumn with his new squirrel images and he has even made the headlines. Such is his talent for capturing the breathtaking beauty of the natural world.

The images were taken in a forest in the Netherlands. He spent hours there from sunset till sundown just to capture the perfect autumn image. However, Dick’s dedication paid off because the end result was mesmerizing. He also captures stunning images of other animals. Have a look at his collection of wildlife images and let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

#1. Anyone reminded of Scrat from the Ice Age movie?

#2. Enjoying a sip of water on a warm day be like.

#3. The great pains you take to carry a nut over a lake. Hope the nut tastes as good as it looks.

#4. Imagine seeing your reflection in the water and falling in love with yourself like Narcissus.

#5. Jump mode on.

#6. When they ask you to pose for a magazine cover photograph of a superhero magazine.

#7. A testament to the fact that squirrels are the most adorable creatures on earth.

#8. A squirrel munching on a nut is undoubtedly a sight for sore eyes.

#9. When you ask someone to take a random snap and they end up taking a snap of you yawning.

#10. A pro at glaring for sure.

#11. Got that cunning look on.

#12. When your calling was to become a figure skater, but you were born a tiger instead.

#13. When someone asks you to pose for a picture and you stand there like.

#14. Showing off my breakfast.

#15. Game face on.

#16. Just look at the smile on this wolves face.

#17. Nice and grumpy, my two personalities in one frame.

Image Credit & More Info; dickvanduijn/instagram | | facebook