When A Woman Is Done There Is Nothing To Change Her Mind

By: Anuradha

Most of us take women for granted. Your mother is always there for you, no matter what you do. Your sisters will never give up on you even if you break their favourite pots. When it comes to your girlfriend, you always believe the fact that she would never leave you even if you ignore her completely and do not give her enough attention and love. Well, this is the mistake that you folks have done so far. Women are not granted. In fact, you must be worthy to deserve the presence of a female in your life. You should never under-estimate your girlfriend because when she is done, nothing will change her mind.

We know women are capable of enduring and they are full with love. But, if she sense that you are just playing with her feelings and there is something wrong with you, then she would seriously consider whether to have you in her life or not. If you feel that you have already injured her heart then I think you should act fast because if she gives up on you, then she would not return and you will lead your whole life repenting over what you did.

1. The right thing is never easy to do.

A girl would not easily give up until she can’t bear it up anymore. She will do anything to make things okay and when she realizes whatever she does won’t work, she will decide to leave. If you were stupid enough to let her go, then of course there would be no any solution. You will not be able to make things right again.

2. She will not come back.

There is a quote for you. “The problem is women think he will change, he won’t. The mistake men make is thinking she’ll never leave, she will.”

3. Why should she stay?

If you played with her life, make her life a living hell, hurt her in all the possible moments and ignore her feelings completely dude, tell me a reason why she should stay with you after all?  Now she will not trust you anymore and love you as she did. She deserves someone better than you and yes, I think she is right.

4. You have to accept this.

It will not be easy for you to admit that she has gone. She was like your life and though you ignored her, she always was there to support you. So, it would be hard for you to accept that she has gone. But, you are too late to make things right. So, try to understand this.

5. Emotions need to change before love can return.

If you really need her back again, then try to change her attitude. You need to prove that you are different and you understand the consequences of what you did. Try to ignite fire in her again!

6. Keep space for the lovely memories you had, but try to create new ones too.

Talking about the old beautiful days that you had is really cool but try to make new memories for her so that she would understand the effort that you take to make things right. New memories will give a new meaning for your affair and it will make you forget what happened in past.

7. Fresh starts are always beneficial.

It would be easy to have a new relationship than working over the one you had. But, if you feel what you had was genuine and a real love, then try to work out on that instead of going for something new.

8. Both partners must be self-secure if they want a secure relationship.

If you are insecure about whom you are, then you will always be upset and worry for nothing. Being upset and worrying for longer time will of course harm the relationship and you will not be able to have a healthy relationship. So try to be secure about yourself first. Then your partner will automatically confine in you.