These 22 Brutal Truths About Life Are Difficult To Hear But They’ll Make You A Much Better Person

By: Anuradha

Life is like a roller-coaster. You will have unexpected turns, peaceful walks and sometimes breath taking down falls. Yet, whatever happens in the middle, at the end you will always have something to be happy and you will conclude the day in a fine way.

There are certain things in this journey that none of us like to admit though we all are aware about their presence. You need to know about these because your life journey would be much easier once you have a proper idea about these.

1. Nobody cares.

You can be in a dreadful situation. You must be suffering lot from something and the pain you undergo can hardly be expressed. But, remember no one cares about your pain or suffering because everyone has undergone similar situations in their lives and your pain is not something special for them.

2. Don’t waste your talent.

We all have hidden talents within us. We all are good in something or the other. You should never throw away what you are good in because if you do not take the proper use of that you are wasting your whole life.

3. Stay responsible.

You are the one who should take the charge of what you speak, what you do and what you think. So no matter good or bad happens you have to bear up the results and therefore be responsible for everything that you do.

4. Death is final.

Stop worrying about the death. When you are gone-you are gone forever. There is nothing to think about that and worrying for.

5. Embrace your emotions.

Don’t be afraid to admit your fears, doubts and your uncertainties. You are a collection of emotions. Feel each of them and when you are ready to accept who you are, life would be much easier.

6. You can’t make everyone your friend.

You can’t make everyone be friends with you. You only need to have one great friend in your life. That is none other than your own self.

7. Value comes from time, not money.

Don’t try to measure up everything from money. Money is not everything and the most important thing that you can give to someone would be your time. Not money.

8. Don’t search for happiness.

Happiness is not something far away from you. It is in everything that you do. Everyone that you meet and every ‘Hello’ that you hear. Don’t fret over thinking you need greater happiness. This is all about what happiness is.

9. Money won’t bring you happiness.

The amount of notes in your pocket will never make you a happy man. Happiness should come from your heart. Not from your wallet.

10. Everyone around you will die someday.

Don’t worry thinking someone is going to die and you will no longer be able to be with that person. Everyone is destined to die someday. There is no use of worrying over that.

11. You can’t take money to your grave.

You might have ignored so many things in your life spending that time to build a fortune, your career and a good wealth. But, remember you can’t take those material things after death. When you die all those time you spent for wealth would be a total waste.

12. Don’t forget who you are.

You will come across different people, different things and new scenarios in your life. But with these new changes, never forget who you really are. If you forget who you are and moved with the things happening around you, you will regret that forever.

13. Give time.

Time is the most precious thing that you can give for someone. You can make your loved once happy only by investing your time with them.

14. Embrace gratitude.

Always find something to be grateful in your life. You must be having a tough day now. But, remember the labourer who works out of the office is having some worse things to do than you do. If you identify who you are really, life would be much easier for you.

15. Your time is your real life currency.

Your payments will be decided by the number of hours that you work. So, wasting time means wasting money. So, try to spend your time effectively.

16. Stop dreaming-Start working.

Everyone dreams and only few really work for those dreams. Don’t waste your time thinking a genie would come and make your dreams come true. Instead, work out for what you need.

17. Stop reacting negatively.

Everyone is having ups and downs in life. When you face something negative in life, don’t act as your whole life is over. Just be calm. You missed only one thing. If you really give it a try, so many other paths will be opened for you.

18. Invest in your-self

You are the only one that literally matters to you. You are the one who have to face the consequences of what you do and you are the one who have to bear up everything that happens to you. So instead of thinking about others, invest time for yourself. Try to uplift your spiritual, mental and physical wellbeing and then focus on other things.

19. Share knowledge and experience.

Don’t be selfish about the things you have. Always try to share your experience and knowledge because others can then go for heights that you could never reach.

20. Live today.

Today is the only thing matters, not tomorrow or yesterday. So make the moment that you live now a better one.

21. Perfection is impossible.

No one can define the exact meaning of being ‘perfect’. That differs according to the way we think. So try to be not the perfect one but the one that you always wanted to be.

22. You will die someday.

There is no use of working over your limits and living a life that does not give you any happiness. You will die someday and therefore, try to make every moment fruitful.