Cosmic Marriage – Your True Partner Has Already Been Decided; It Is Set Above

By: Anuradha

When you are in his arms telling what happened all the day, perhaps you might have felt that the bond between you two is not something that happened recently but this bond must have been there in all your reincarnations if something like that really exists. He may know your worst fears even before you telling, and he would know what should be done when you are out of mood and yes, of course this bond must have been there many a lifetimes.

This intimacy happens because your partners have already been designed by cosmos. Your soul and your guts know this. That is why you feel so intimate with that right one. You will always find comfort in each other and no matter what happens you will always find a reason to stick to each other. As it is said in movie ‘Avatar’ I see you.

‘I see you’ is worthier than telling I love you because it has much significance. I see you mean I see everything related with your soul and I love you for who you are. That is the real meaning of love. Not just to like a physical body.

Relationships of the past

You may of course have so many relationships in past but, nothing can ever be compared to your current one if you have that with your right soul mate. Your past relationships are there to teach you a lesson. You may have fall for random people that came on your way but, remember that all those things happen just to show you which suits you best. Just because cosmos have arranged it all, you will not find your right one in time but, everything will happen in the right order in right time.

Your reflection-Meeting yourself

When you meet that right person, you will see a reflection of your own self within them. The same commitment to the affair, endless pains that other one undergoes to please you, her silent tears and endless effort will remind you how exactly you will commit for anyone when you love from the deepest corner of your heart. This strength and the confidence that you have about that other one will surely eradicate a fear based relationship and it will be all about love.

You would no longer be worried about whom he is with or what is he doing, as you know his whole heart belongs to you and not to anyone else. There would be a great trust between both of you and you will begin to understand what life really means then.

Marriage without a true heart connection

We often hear about the break-up of affairs and how marriages end up in divorces. These things are common when people marry for the profit and not the one that heart desires. We see many people are marrying now a day, just looking at the vehicle of the other one, his career or his possessions and therefore, they don’t enjoy the life and instead suffer in every single second possible. They understand the consequences of what they did will only be felt three or four months after the marriage and the only remaining potion by then is divorce. That’s why we should be wise before getting into a marriage. It can ruin our life as well as the life of the person that we marry.

Darkness dissolves in the light of love

In a real cosmic love, all the unseen will come to forefront. You will understand the true self of the one you love and you will begin to love for who that person really is. The energy of heart is much powerful than the power of mind and therefore, your heart will show you the directions to find that true love.

Sometimes, you will feel your love only sees the faults and mistakes in you. But, remember what he/she is trying to do is only showing you the way to be better. He understands who you are and what your real potentials are. So don’t panic when there are issues in your relationship. If that is the right one, then he/she will stay with you till the end.