8 Warning Signs to Spot a Narcissist, Sociopath or Psychopath!

By: Anuradha

It is not easy to identify people. We can hardly differentiate good ones from bad and sometimes we take a long time identify the real face of our intimate friends even. When it comes to narcissists, sociopaths and psychopaths, this can be much harder as they always show a good face to the outside. They appear to be so charming and gentle at first and you would not know their real character until you are deceived and cheated by them. So these 8 points will surely help you to identify them and have a better understanding about them.

1. They possess a superficial charm

Narcissists, sociopaths and psychopaths are talented in pleasing people and enchanting them. They will tell you the sweetest things in the world will keep you on pedestal and will do anything for you until you are trapped in their mesh. You will not notice this until the end and that is the worst part. However, if someone tries to be too nice to you and act as if to grab your heart, be cautious from them.

2. They make you see them as perfect

When a toxic person enters into your life, he/she will do anything to make a perfect picture about them in your head. You will see nothing bad about their character and they would be that complete picture you always wished to see. Even when you spot negative things, you will not feel like admitting them as you have already grown a better image about them in your head. But, remember this is just their trick. This is what we call as cognitive dissonance.

3. They are masters in lying

They will do anything to take a profit and therefore, lying is not hard for them. They will twist words in all the manners possible to deceive and cheat people and even without your knowledge you can be a victim for them. Even when truth is obvious, they will make masterful lies.

4. They play the victim

No matter what happens, they will always play the victim. They will set up the whole plan, watch in taking place and finally will pretend to be the sufferers. You will automatically get caught in their scheme when you try to help them thinking they are suffering. So, be very conscious about the things happen around you.

5. They never apologize

These people never feel ashamed, or guilty about the things they do, as they lack empathy. They can do most notorious things in the word without feeling even slight trace of guilt. But, if they need to win your heart and obtain your support to do something, then they would apologize. But, remember it is done not out of heart’s desire just for a temporary escape.

6. They backstab you secretly

These toxic people do not have any attachment or loyalty in their hearts. They keep relationships just to fulfil their inner motivations and therefore, you should understand this before pouring your whole heart to these people.

7. They feel superior to others

They always think about them in high terms. They think there is no one who is better than them and therefore, they have a very mean attitude about the people around them. Sometimes, they would talk directly to you in such a manner as to damage your self-confidence and more you indulge yourself with these people, the more you will regret.

8. They turn people against each other

These people are attention seekers. Therefore, they would do almost anything to take attention and attraction only to them. They make false stories about people and they would love to spend the day gossiping

So, don’t give them space to ruin your life. Be cautious about the people you associate and of course, life would be much easier then.