Bold Men are Perceived to be more Confident, Dominant and Sexier

By: Anuradha

Now this can be shocking news if you are someone who is having a nice hairy head!

A recent study shows that bald men are sexier and stronger and they are more masculine and stronger than the others. This would of course be welcoming news for those who are bald and they would no longer go for wigs or be ashamed about their hair fall for certain.

American hair fall association says that according to the statistics 2/3 of men would lose their hair by the time they turn 35 and by the age of 50, 85% will have to face significant hair loss. Sometimes there can also be early balding at the age of 20 or 22 due to depression and some health conditions.

But the best thing about balding is now no one need to be ashamed about that and you can also be certain that many women will find you to be attractive!

The advice given by experts for the men who experience hair loss is to shave it off thoroughly in the first time you notice that. This can of course be hard as you are not used to be without hair but, if you accept your baldness and welcome it with grace of course life would be much easier for you.

This study builds up the idea that when you are confident enough to walk around with a bald hair, automatically everyone feels that and specially, women will admire you for your confidence. She would look directly at your eyes as she will not be distracted by anything else and this will help you to build a strong connection with her.

So, hereafter don’t go after any medicinal products or anything to grow back your hair and instead accept your baldness and be confident about that. You are sexier and way much handsome than others in your bald head!