Girls Who Stay Single for Large Periods of time end up the Happiest!

By: Anuradha

Sometimes after a break up, there are girls who stay single for a long time. They would not easily fall for anyone else and would keep themselves away from the whole dating word. There are also some other girls who will stay single without being hurry to find a partner. That is not because they are physically unattractive or they have some forbear to fall for a guy, that is just because they enjoy being alone and wait for the best option.

However, it can be argued that the girls who stay single for a long time remain the happiest. Let’s see what the reasons are for that.

They end up being the happiest because they are comfortable with who they are and their solitude. They don’t need someone cheer themselves up or always be with them in their shopping tours, in restaurants or in parties. They are happy being alone and their confidence makes them shine no matter where they go. These girls are the type that never looks for a guy to make them perfect but those alone make their lives better.

They are the happiest because they have all the time to look after themselves and make plans to have a better future. They don’t have to deal with endless dramas and fights and they can devote their whole time to go for their life goals. They know what is important and therefore work for them.

For them, love is not the basic concern. Their main goal of life is not to have a man but to have a strong future. So, they don’t need to worry about the way they look or what they eat and instead they will strive hard to reach for their aims. For them, the idea of not getting married or not having a boyfriend even in their twenties is not scary and it only makes them be more liberal and courageous.

When they decide to have a partner, it would be someone who understand her capabilities and support her for all what she is. Even the confidence and the strength that she has gained over years would be a support for him and they would make a best couple ever.

They would never try to change their whole self to meet the demands of the partner as she knows her true value. She is a strong individual and would not be shaken by the barriers and obstacles.  Her strength and character would add more glamour to even to his partner’s life and therefore, they end up being the happiest. So, isn’t it worth to find a girl like this who will support you in every good and bad thing and be the support you always wished to have?