Amazing Vintage Photos That Show How People Worked Before AutoCAD

By. Anuradha

A lot of things have changed over time. the fashions, the food items, the professions, the music, and even the weather patterns have changed in a drastic way over time. however, there is no need to say that this change has always been positive. Many of the things have changed towards bad ends but what we are going to say now will show one true benefit of the advancement of technology over time.

It is a known fact that technology had a huge influence on various fields and technological advances cause some professions to cease to exist. In the case of technicians, technology has not made their professions exist but had made their desks much smaller and tidier. AutoCAD was released in 1982 and by 1994 as many as 750 training centers had been using it worldwide. Earlier, when the technicians were asked to design something, they spend hours and hours on drawing and a lot of pencils, erasers, t-squares and many other gadgets were required for the process.

However, because of AutoCAD now they architectural designers, electrical and other drafters only click their mouse and keyboard even to create complex designs. So, scroll down to see how things have changed over time and don’t forget to leave your thoughts about this with us!

Image credit & More info: dyt | vintageeveryday

Tables were huge those days!

It was all about papers.

Long hours just to draw things accurately.

It was basically teamwork.

One line gone wrong can make blunders!

Offices were huge and large.

They had to deal with many numbers.

It was as tough as doing surgery.

Peers helped each other a lot.

People were really serious about the job.

And they had to be good drawers.

The work needed much attention.

Sometimes, you even had to sleep on the papers.

Some professional instantly related to the rarely seen pictures.