9 Types Of Pains That Are Directly Linked To Your Emotions

By: Anuradha

You all might have been suffered from various pains and illnesses. When you get such a pain, you would probably take a painkiller to be relieved from the pain but it was recently found out that most of these pains are related with our emotions and the body releases various different chemicals based on our mood or how we’re feeling at the time, whether it be feel-good chemicals from being happy, or stress hormones from being anxious. Knowing these would be really helpful for you to have a proper idea about these pains to get better treatments next time!

1. Head pain.

If you get head pain, that means you have got a considerable amount of daily stresses and your head is pressurized with that. So, instead of trying painkillers, try to do some relaxations and stress releasing exercises to cure it.

2. Neck pain.

This means that you have issues about forgiving yourself or others. You might be worried about something that you did or something that someone else did for you and in this case, try to fill your thoughts will beautiful and happy things. Think about the people that you love and who loves you and you would surely feel good.

3. Shoulder pain.

Shoulder pains actually mean that what you are bearing on your shoulders are too much for you to handle alone. You can try to share your workload with others or get the help of others to solve the burden in your mind.

4. Upper back pain.

If your upper back is paining, that means you are worried about your worth and how loved you are. You need the emotional support from a person that you love who understands you. so, select a person who suits all your whims and fancies and you will see life getting changed.

5. Lower back pain.

This means that you are suffering from financial issues. You need to think about going for a financial planner or looking for some extra jobs that will give you a good income to clear all your problems.

6. Elbow pain.

If your elbows are paining, that means you are reluctant to make a change in your life and move on. You are firmly fixed in your little comfort bubble and this pain signals you that it is a high time for you to make a move in life.

7. Hand pain.

Hand pains are a sign to say that you are not collaborating enough to improve your social relationships. So, just be open and go out of your snail shell. Go out with your buddies and trust me, you will enjoy the plight.

8. Hip pain.

This means that you are scared to make decisions and scared to move on in your life. So, try reconsidering the decisions that you make and you can take the help from your friend or someone that you trust if you are not confident in decision making.

9. Knees pain.

This means that you have a big ego. You think about you in high terms and you think you deserve better than others. so, try to be humble and be nice to others and remember you are amazing and give your life a shot!