40 Definite Things To Expect In A Relationship With A Narcissist

By: Anuradha 

It is not easy to identify a narcissist at first. They are too charming and easy to be with at the first phase and you would probably get caught in their mesh if you are not cautious about the moves that you make. Especially, if your life partner is a narcissist, things can go really hard for you and you will know the danger that you make yourself fall into only at the last moment and it can be too late by then.

All the compromises and dreams that you had about your marriage life will no longer be valid and you will suffer every day with the manipulations of your loved one. So, it is always better to wait and have a good idea about the person that you are going to be with before getting into big things like marriages and there are few things that you can expect in a relationship with a narcissist.

1. He never apologizes.

2. He takes pride in defining terms.

3. When some issue arises, you will be the one to solve it.

4. He thrives on double-standards.

5. Your opinions will never be important in an argument.

6. He will never understand your feelings and emotions.

7. People always think him to be good and never believe your definition about him.

8. You will forget your enthusiasm for holidays and birthdays as it will always be about him.

9. Your relationship will lack cooperation, compromise and any sort of understanding.

10. You will never be appreciated whereas mere strangers hold more importance than you.

11. Your expectations will never be achieved and you will try to be content from little things.

12. Winning is never an option.

13. You will always end up being his scapegoat.

14. It will be really hard at least to have a decent conversation with him, as it will always be about him.

15. You end up dealing with his rage, insecurities, and shortcomings.

16. You have to be cautious about every step that you take as he can be mad at you for nothing.

17. You will eventually forget to love your own self.

18. Silence will always be observed in your home.

19. All your good memories will gradually be replaced by miserable ones.

20. There will always be a need to guide him on social interactions.

21. Your relationship will always revolve around hope, anger, disappointment, forgiveness, and forgetting.

22. You become the target for him to drop his troubles on.

23. You will learn to blame yourself for all the bad things that happen around you.

24. He will always make you feel weak and submissive.

25. You will learn to pretend most of the time.

26. He will always think that you have a duty to attend household things.

27. He will decide everything and you only have to act as he says.

28. You will never be able to accuse him of anything that he does.

29. He beats around the bush while answering questions.

30. He will hardly worry about how you are doing.

31. You will always be sucked in a mess of issues.

32. You will miss him and will not be able to change yourself.

33. You will always take his rage and he will always block out your good intentions.

34. Other people will never understand your problems as they all believe that you have got the most wonderful husband ever.

35. You are the only one who will know the real situation of your life.

36. You will constantly suffer from trauma.

37. Even if you go for counseling that will never work as there will always be a narcissist beside you.

38. You will eventually be numbed and a very submissive person.

39. You will never have the courage to shout at him and say what a jerk he is.

40. His personality is flippant and consequential.