Meet Three-Wattled Bellbird, A Unique Bird With Mustache

By. Neluka

Bellbirds are unique birds who are usually found in middle to upper forest levels within lowland to montane regions between 900-3,000 m or higher. They are usually found in lower elevations outside the breeding season.

The Three-wattled Bellbird lives between eastern Honduras and western Panama and they are considered as one of the loudest birds in the World due to their queer alien-like song that sounds like a blend of chimes.

An abrasive BONK is often heard in the muted sounds of the forests where this Bellbird perches. The male’s well-projected call can be heard up to half a kilometer away, especially because the bellbird often sings in the highest branches of the canopy.

The Three-Wattled Bellbird is named for the male’s three skinny, extended gray-black wattles-worm-looking skin structures-which hang from his bill. The female lack these wattles, and in fact looks entirely different from the male. Adults of both sexes have a sturdy, heavy body and a large black bill. The female is olive green with thin yellow lines on her head, a skinny yellow eye-ring, and a bright yellow underside with wide dark olive-green stripes. The female is thus, well hidden among the lush green of the canopy. The male, on the other hand, is shrouded with a bright white on its head, neck and chest, and a solid chestnut-rufous color over the rest of its body.

Currently, these birds are classed as vulnerable due to their loss of habitat which is caused by heavy deforestation for the clearance of agricultural expansion and cattle. The scientific name given to this bird is called Procnias tricarunculatus. This Procnias tricarunculatus, favourite food is wild avocado, especially from the Lauraceae tree where they both depend on each other for survival whilst the bird helps the tree to disperse its seeds. Thus, the bellbird is a very unique and rare bird, not only by its appearance but even by its extraordinary behavior.

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