10 Things We Did Not Know What They Were For, But Thanks To The Internet The Mystery Was Solved

By. Thilini

How many times have you looked at a little gadget and wondered what that particular part is supposed to do? Well, if you are somebody like me, the answer would be probably more times than you would like to admit..

Worry no more. Thanks to the internet, we have been able to solve the most pressing problems of them all! Scroll down to find out what that little part is supposed to do exactly.

#1. The hole in the centre of the fork to serve the pasta.

Many of us thought that the hole in the centre of the fork was to drain the excess water. Well, as it turns out, the real purpose is to measure the individual portions. That way you can measure the serving size for the individual and there won’t be excess pasta left!

#2. The triangular design of Toblerone chocolates.

You are probably lying if you say that you didn’t think the triangular shape of the Toblerone is not supposed to resemble the famous mountains of Switzerland. Don’t worry, we are right there with you. Well, however, the real reason is the ease of consumption; in fact, the triangular shape lets you take a piece of chocolate with your thumb, each portion in equal parts.

#3. The small sachets of silica in the shoeboxes and some medicines.

Silica gel is a drying agent and it prevents moisture from getting in and damaging the goods. So next time you find a sachet, don’t throw it away thinking that it is poison, instead, keep them around so that you can use it to preserve your own stuff.

#4. The rivets of blue jean pants.

When Levis Strauss designed the first jeans, he figured that they fell apart at various points of tension after a long period of usage. And that is why he decided to add little rivets to specific places, to help it become more durable.

#5. The extra pair of holes in Converse sneakers.

Well, these extra holes are not for ventilation. In fact, they are for people with wild and extraordinary imaginations who like to tie their shoe laces in creative ways.

#6. The holes in the handles of the pots.

Well, the real purpose here is to keep the spoons in place while we cook.

#7. The little arrow next to the car’s gas meter.

It indicates where our cars tank is located. Well, there is something you never knew!

#8. The hole next to the padlock lock.

This actually has two functions. The first is to let the rain water drip without being stuck inside the lock when it is used outside. The second is to allow the lock to be greased.

#9. The slight protrusions of the letters “F” and “J” on the keyboards.

We are sure that typists know this one! In fact, both the letters are considered to be starting letters, and it is there where both index fingers rest, and return to the initial position without having to look at the keyboard.

#10. The little hole in the top of some pens.

These are small objects and children tend to swallow down stuff like this. The designers were aware of this and that is why they decided to provide this hole so that if a child swallows this, s/he will be able to receive air through this hole until help comes.