Wild Squirrel Made A Nest For Her Adorable Baby In Her Rescuer’s Drawer

By. Mahesh

When you find an injured person or an animal it is very hard to turn away without helping them. It’s in our human nature and that is what distinct us from other animals. In October of 2016, a baby squirrel falls out of a tree and her mother is nowhere to be found. Simone Serfontein from South Africa who knows this feeling very finds this baby squirrel and nursed her till she recovered from it. “She was still a ‘pinky’ and a funny-looking creature with no hair at all when we found her. I think she was around 5 – 6 days old when we took her. She was cold and screaming for her mom and unfortunately, her mom was nowhere to be seen” This is what she told us. Now let’s take a look at some pictures we found of this lost little squirrel who recovered with the helped of this kind young lady.

The young lady who rescued this baby squirrel, Simone Serfontein said that she decided to raise her. Because she would not survive in the wild alone without its mother. She named her Dingetjie..

Image Credit & More Info: facebook | instagram |(H/T: boredpanda)

Siome admits that no matter how cute these little animals are. It’s not an easy task to raise them. During the first few weeks, she had fed her every hour even at night by setting up her alarm. She had even taken her to work because it needed warmth all the time.

She got the baby squirrel a small shoe box with some blankets although the squirrel did not prefer sleeping in it because she didn’t get enough warmth in it and didn’t feel safe like when she was with Simone.

The lady new that after the squirrel grew up, she will not be able to nurse her and that she needs to set Dingetjie free. The squirrel decided that she will not be saying goodbye to Simone anytime soon. Simone says that Dingetjie goes out in the morning and always comes back to her in the evening.

Eventually Dingetjie got pregnant. Instead of making a nest in a tree, she thought of building one in one of Simone’s drawers where she feels safer. This was made out of toilet papers.

According to Simone, her first pregnancy was nevertheless complicated. “She was not ready, and natural instincts didn’t kick as they were supposed to do. During her birth she fell asleep, and we were supposed to keep her awake and help her get her out. It took around an hour and the baby didn’t turn around and come out first. We knew the baby wasn’t alive, but we had hope, but it was stillborn, unfortunately”.

But with her second pregnancy things went much better

Simone realized that she was pretty fat, but she was always bigger overall than the normal squirrel. She felt that the baby was moving in her tummy only a few weeks after she gave birth.

Tinkie was born in April in Simone’s closet in the nest she made. Unfortunately, a few months later Dingetjie’s baby died. She gave birth to another baby in September of last year, Mistie. Once again, because Dingetjie was not producing milk, Simone had a possibility to raise a squirrel.

Look at how cute her little baby squirrel is

Simone shares a beautiful bond with both Dingetjie and Mistie up to this day.