Ice Cream Tulips Are A Thing And They Are Mesmerizing

By. Neluka

Spring is the season where nature blossoms from the deep slumber of winter, slowly progressing towards summer. Spring occurs from the period of March to the month of June. Tulips are one of the types of flowers that bloom during the mid-season and thus have a festival that occurs every year to celebrate the historic royal gift of tulips which was also a symbol of international friendship in the Second World War.

This festival is normally celebrated in the US, Canada, Netherlands, New Zealand, India, Australia, and England.

Image Credit: Eddie and Nikki Diaz

Image Credit: Kin

One of the intriguing types of tulips that have caught the center of attention within people, are the ‘ice-cream’ tulips that look mouth-watering and too inviting to be real. They are named as they resemble the image of an inviting scoop of ice-cream over the light pink petals. There are white petals that are closely mounded against one another and it forms a central cone that resembles a vanilla ice cream.

Image Credit: Easy to Grow Bulbs

Image Credit: Tulip Ice Cream

Image Credit: Tulips – Bulbs – Showgarden

Additionally, strawberry-pink petals are tinged with green, encircle this lush delight. An average tulip consists of around six petals yet, an ice-cream tulip has double the amount of petals an average tulip has. They are indeed very beautiful and pleasing to the eye. They grow tall by 12-14 inches.

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Currently, due to the pandemic, the blooming festival of these tulips take place online on a virtual platform. For those who are interested in growing these tulips, ice-cream tulip bulbs are available to be purchased in stores.

Image Credit: Tulip Ice Cream

Image Credit: Tulip Ice Cream

Nowadays, they are quite commonly grown due to the delight brought by them. In addition, they also make beautiful flower arrangements and thus in conclusion, these tulips are a very rare and unique creation of nature that leaves everyone drool over its outer appearance.