Rare “Goth Chicken” Is 100% Black On The Inside And Out

By. Thilini

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the black beauty of poultry, the Ayam Cemeni chicken!

A rare breed from Indonesia, this chicken is as beautiful as it is mysterious looking. It truly has the perfect exotic vibe to it.

And mind you, it is not just the feathers that are black. In fact, every single part of the bird is black, from inside to the outside, from its onyx feet, to its metallic feathers. Even the internal organs are black!

This is due to a genetic mutation called fibromelanosis, meaning that extra melanin seeps into the tissue. And no, this doesn’t affect the chicken’s overall health.

This happens while the chick is still in the embryo and the chicken, when it is born, is completely black.

According to the 12th century Japanese folklore, the black chicken was considered a bird for the elite.

This charcoal-coloured chicken is believed to bring health and power, which makes it a good luck charm.

If you ever visit Indonesia, don’t forget to get a glimpse of this amazing chicken.

If the folklores are true, you will be blessed with happiness, health and power.

Well, it is a good chance you shouldn’t miss, right!

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