21 “Miserable Men” Hilariously Captured While Their Women Were Shopping

By. Thilini

The newest relationship joke called “Miserable Men” is related to ‘best’ husbands and boyfriends who go to great pains for the sake of their significant others. And what possible reason could they have to suffer a terrible fate of sitting on a bench for hours and hours? Well, love of course. These men are seen waiting for their partners while they are shopping.

Image Credit & More info: Instagram

#1. The definition of boredom.

#2. They were not this old when they arrived, you know.

#3. Desperate times call for desperate actions.

#4. Finally found a place to sit.

#5. Oh, how bleak life is!

#6. Yet another poor husband.

#7. Not all supermen wear capes.

#8. You are hot stuff!

#9. Poor miserable husbands.

#10. Thank god there was a bed.

#11. Let us sit on the staircase.

#12. Poor soul.

#13. Fast asleep.

#14. Another one.

#15. Shopping malls should come up with something for bored husbands.

#16. Somebody is going to make a good husband one day.

#17. It is all for love you know!

#18. Another poor little one.

#19. Young or old, it doesn’t matter.

#20. So, what do you think about these miserable men?

#21. We all have been in this situation at least once in our lifetime.