This Community In Denmark Lives In Surreal Circle Gardens

By. Mahesh

There are various urban areas in the world are found to be uniquely designed that it leaves people struck dumb. We are able to see how carefully buildings are arranged in the areas using satellites and aviation photography. Brøndby Haveby or Brøndby Garden City among them is one of the most captivating sights among these uniquely designed urban areas. This ‘garden city’ is located just outside Copenhagen, Denmark, and is home to many gardens of the community known for its circular design. Today we are about to show you the surreal circle gardens of Denmark where you can see these types of communities only in Sci-Fi movies.

These Housing schemes of Brondby, as you can see have large yards. These are located away from densely populated cities. Which also gives the community residing here, an opportunity to engage in hobbies like gardening and landscaping.

Image Credit & More Info: instagram | google earth

Just look at the perfection here. They are designed in symmetrical shapes and each person gets an equal amount of land.

Who does not want to live in a breathtaking community like this? In days like these, it would be a dream to be surrounded by so much greenery.

It is said that this idea was called the “Garden City” and that this was approved in 1964 by the municipality of Brondby to allocate space for these communities in circles.

This concept has literally brought the communities closer together. The motive behind this great project was to bring people closer in order to increase social interaction among the people who rent these housing schemes.

Photographer Henry Do is one of the famous photographers who made these pictures of this captivating area popular.

It surely is breathtaking. But some people say that even though this is a great concept, on a grocery day or a moving day this would not be a good idea.

Also, a there is a question as to who would mow the grass outside the circles. This is not ideal when there is a lot of snow to shovel. This concept would be more efficient if they were to use square shapes instead of circles. That would help to fit in more buildings and even a space for parks.