This Flower’s Petals Look Like Hummingbirds

By. Anu

No one will ever be able to get enough of nature. There are so many beautiful things hidden in secret corners and if you actually get a chance to see all of them, you would surely be fascinated by everything that you get to see.

A Reddit user named OctopusPrime recently shared a photograph on the platform which caught the attention of many people. The picture showed a green flower that looked almost like a hummingbird and the author commented: “check out these flowers that look like tiny hummingbirds!”. 

A person recently shared this image that had an entire group of people fascinated by it.

Image credits: –OctopusPrime

Within a day, the picture received 47.5k upvotes along with 400 comments. Most of the people were amazed and many couldn’t actually believe that it’s a flower. Many people wanted to know why this flower looks like this and there were also people who presented different explanations.

Image credits: Romer Rabarijaona

Image credits: D. Blumer

The flower has got its bird like resemblance because of the sweep forward in angle, lengthen and its petals coming together to a point at the end. It inhabits the ground in Australia and there are people who observe that due to the scarcity of water and food in the land, the plant would have taken this look.

Image credits: Cressflower

Image credits: australianseed

However, when you look from different angles, you would be able to see less-birdy angle pictures of the flowers.  The plant is actually called as Crotalaria cunninghamii and as this scientific name is hard to remember, many people call that as green bird flower or regal birdflowwer. It is native to inland northern Australia. It grows well in sandy areas and you may see the flower commonly in sand dunes. Many aboriginal people used these flowers to treat eye infections.

Image credits: Atlas of Living Australia

Some people were still a little confused about the flower, but others were quick to provide answers.

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