A True Father Is Not The One Who Just Pays The Bills, But The One Who Understands That Family Comes First

By. Anu

If there is a man who will love you unconditionally without any limits, who will think about you first before thinking about his comfort and who will consider you as the most important part of his life, that should be none other than your father. Even though any man can become a father, everyone cannot give full justice to that role.

A true father is not the one who creates life. He is not the person who pays the bill or take his wife and kids to ten days-vacation twice a year. He is not even the person who sends his kids to a top school or give all the money on earth for the family.

A true father is the one who understands that family comes first.

He will not give up his family for anything in the world and will never leave them in the time of distress.  A true father will not leave his family to deal with his problems alone and he will never claim that there wasn’t anything more than he could have done to keep his family together.

A true father will invest his time and effort on his family even when he feels tired and empty. He will make compromises and sacrifices for his family and will always think about the future of the family before anything. He will teach his kids about the value of unconditional love and will set an example for them.

He will teach the kids about the way that women should be treated.

 He will show the kids that women should be treated with love, kindness and generosity and his actions will speak louder than his words.

A true father is the one who teaches the kids about the importance of honesty and loyalty.

He will not be caught lying and he will always make sure to show the kids that true relationships are built with trust and respect.

He will teach the kids about the meaning of proper, decent behavior.

He will not shout at his wife or kids just because he is in a bad mood. He will not call them as ‘stupid’, ‘weak’, or incompetent and will always make them feel valued.

He will place his family the most important thing in his life.

His family will always be his priority and everything else will come second in his list. He will know that there is nothing more important than love and he will always make sure to love the family from the bottom of his heart.

A true father will be the role model of his family.

He will encourage the children to improve their talents and will help them to become the best versions of themselves.

He will show them what pure happiness and joy feel like.

He will feel satisfied when he knows that his children are happy and he will never allow his problems to take away their kids’ happiness. 

A true father is the one for whom his children can proudly say ‘he is my role model, my best friend my mentor and my coach. He is my father!