There Is No Turning Back When A Strong Woman Said Goodbye

By. Ran

A strong woman says goodbye differently, she does not cry for days, she does not point fingers at you, and she does not put the blame on you. She does not force you to stay with her.  No. this woman knows that, sometimes, separation is inevitable. And that is why she is strong.

She will not only let you leave, but also she will encourage you to do it. She respects your decision to leave and stands by it. She understands that everyone has a right to choose, to be happy, and to be fulfilled.

She is familiar with the process of the much-dreaded separation. She had to separate form many a loved ones in the past; therefore she does not let anyone become the sole source of her happiness, the sun around which her world revolves.  She knows that life goes on. More importantly, she knows that she will survive this separation too because she is familiar with how it goes.

She knows that affection is not something that should be required from someone; she knows that true love comes easy and simple.

She knows that the right ones always stay, and she is smart enough to figure out that those who leave are not the right ones in the first place.  She also knows that every end is a door to a fresh beginning and she is not afraid to start over multiple time.  She is a fearless woman who rises from ashes like a phoenix. She believes in love and does not let anyone crush her hopes.

Your absence is a growing ground for her, not only will she survive the separation, but also she will grow from it, pushing forward to achieve her goals.  She will not ask you to come back. Instead, she will focus on herself, shedding more and more love on herself.

One thing is certain, when a strong woman leaves, there is no turning back.

And if someday you realize that you want her back, it will be too late. And it will be you who lost her. Because she did not lose you.