Student Going Through Hardships Asks Teacher If He Can Bring His Dog To School

Dogs are known as animals that bring joy into our lives and have a calming effect on us. Returning home to your doggo wagging its tail in excitement is just what you need after a tiring day. This is the story of a little boy named Lopez whose teacher, Ali Bonilla Esteban allowed him to bring along a dog into the classroom setting. Lopez was facing numerous difficulties at home and was distracted in class because he would constantly worry about leaving his loving doggo Pequeña at home.

Fortunately for him, his class teacher was an understanding person who was devoted to creating a safe environment for the students to learn in. Lopez asked his teacher as to whether he could bring his dog along to school with him and surprisingly his teacher agreed to his request. “I wanted to support him so he could feel comfortable with his faithful friend,” Ali expressed. Even though her decision goes against conventions, she is glad that she permitted him to bring the dog because it had a positive effect on Lopez.

Though he was physically present in school, his mind was elsewhere when his dog was left at home. There was no one at home to care for Pequeña when he was at school. It even affected his grades because he could not give proper attention to his studies.

Ali was deeply affected by the child’s love for the doggo and understood that it would give Lopez the courage to deal with the hardships he was facing in his household. Thanks to the teacher’s considerate nature the student will now get the opportunity to fully focus on his studies and improve his grades.

Ali shared video footage of the kid studying with great dedication with the doggo on his lap. The transformation in Lopez’s character in the presence of Pequeña was visible. Now he is happier as his teacher has allowed him to bring the dog to school whenever needed.

After the footage was shared online Ali received many compliments for being attentive to the needs of her students. Bringing dogs to school and allowing students to interact with them would reduce their stress levels and enhance their academic performance.

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