Little Boy’s Slipper Falls Down A Hill And A Duck Retrieves It

One fine day Myla Aguila decided to go for a little walk near her house. She was minding her own business and walking along the route when an interesting sight made her stop in the middle of the track.

She was surprised to see a big white duck attempting to retrieve a slipper that had fallen down a hill. The slipper belonged to a little boy and the kind creature was trying its level best to bring the slipper back to the human.

Fortunately for us, Myla had her mobile with her and managed to capture this incident using the camera. The video footage is heartwarming as well as funny. From the looks of it the boy was more than capable of retrieving the slipper himself, but the duck was hell-bent on getting it back to the kid and completing his heroic deed. Therefore, the kid decided to play along and allow the bird to finish this act of kindness.

The recuse mission was not easy even though the hill was a small one. The duck’s tiny feet made the task even more difficult. However, in the end, the duck’s efforts paid off and the creature managed to safely return the slipper to its owner. According to the video footage, the duck appeared to know what it was doing. Even researchers have discovered that ducks outperform certain animal specials labeled as “smarter” due to their abstract reasoning skills.

Myla also did not forget to take a photograph with the feathered hero. This duck definitely managed to win over everyone’s hearts with its good deed and people had a lot to say about this incident.

“That duck is way more considerate than many humans I’ve crossed paths with,” Drew Lambke commented. Have a look at the video and let us know what you think of this duck’s act of kindness.

Image Credit & More Info; Myla Aguila/facebook