Granddaughter Gives Her Grandpa A Puppy, Sees His Remarkable Transformation

Gifts are always something that puts us in a good mood. The 96-year-old grandfather in our story received a pup from his beloved granddaughter. This gift was able to put a smile on his face as well as make him feel lively again.

The two are now best friends and they are living a happy life together. Luis, the 96-year-old grandfather would rarely leave the house and spend his days resting inside. Watching the TV was his favorite activity and the fact that he was not getting any expertise was a major concern for his granddaughter.

Javiera, the granddaughter wanted her loving grandfather to live a healthy and long life which is why she came up with the perfect solution. She got him an adorable pup named Capito. Luis was fond of animals, but his family was against the idea of him getting a dog. But Javiera knew that it would be a challenge and she was prepared to assist him in any way possible.

Capito managed to win over everyone in the family and formed an instant connection with Luis. It was as if the two were meant to be together.

Javiera posted a video on TikTok capturing Luis’ reaction when he sees the pup and it is sure to warm your heart. He picks up Capito from the floor and it is love at first sight. After Luis got the pup a clear transformation in his personality was visible.

He is now very active and doesn’t spend the whole day cooped up at home in front of the television. The two best friends go for walks and Capito keeps company while Luis works in the garden.

“My grandfather is happy and much more active. He has implemented a routine with Capito,” Javiera conveyed. With old age, you adapt to a quiet routine.

However, it is important to keep active if you want to live longer and lead a happy life. If you have a grandparent who is hesitant to go outdoors and be active, then a doggy is the perfect solution. After seeing the bond that Capito and Luis share Javiera is also sure that she made the right decision.

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Image/ Video Credit & More Info; Javiera Paz