Office Workers Realized Someone Was Spying On Them From The Ceiling

Cats can be quite sneaky and are capable of approaching you unnoticed. Apparently, their sneaky behavior originates from their hunting instincts and their instincts to avoid being hunted. Recently, some office workers were able to capture images of a cat spying on them from the ceiling.

They even titled him “surveillance cat” which I think suits this cat perfectly. It was one office worker who spotted the cat peeping in from an opening in the ceiling. He then quickly snapped an image of the adorable ball of fluff and shared it with a colleague.

The image was then posted on Twitter. The tweet went viral and gained much attention on the social media platform. The office worker shared the image along with a caption that read, “Isn’t this the cutest security camera you’ve ever seen?” People found this to be hilarious and had a good laugh looking at the image and caption. It is possible that the cat was hired by the organization to uncover as to whether the people there were doing their jobs properly instead of procrastinating at work. Or maybe the creature was paid by a rival organization to spy on the work process of this particular organization.

The photograph depicts the cat poking its cute head from an opening in the ceiling with a curios look on its face. Even though we might not know what the cat was doing there and why it was peeping through the ceiling, the creature provided us all with some much needed entertainment. What would you do if you encountered a surveillance cat in your workplace? Let us know in the comment section below and don’t forget to share this funny incident with your friends and family.

Image Credit & More Info; omocha_no_uma