4 Year Old Boy Goes Out To Play And Brings Home A Baby Deer He Befriended

Children tend to do things that always amaze adults. The little boy in our story decided to surprise his parents by bringing along an unusual companion. This boy who is aged four, came home with a baby deer that he had managed to befriend. Stephanie Brown was enjoying her holiday at the Massanutten Resort in Virginia. She was shocked to the core when she opened the door to see her son Dominic with a baby deer on the porch.

As soon as Stephanie recovered from this shock, she thought of capturing some photographs as memoirs of this beautiful moment. After capturing the images, Stephanie then shared them on Facebook. It came as no surprise that the images went viral. After all, it is not every day that you come across a 4-year-old boy who comes back home with a wild deer. This incident took place while the family was preparing to leave the resort and Stephanie was busy packing. Dominic had been playing outdoors.

How Dominic and the deer encountered each other is unclear. Maybe the baby deer was drawn to the child’s pajamas or maybe he offered the creature some snacks to munch on. However, they managed to form a special bond the second they met. The 4-year-old was eager to introduce his new bestie to his mother which is why he showed up on the porch with the fawn. It was undoubtedly a pleasant surprise. “I was in shock. I was like, No way. My mind is playing games with me’. It wasn’t like anything strange for him, it was so weird. They were just in sync,” Stephanie conveyed.

Even the fawn appeared to be comfortable and unafraid in the presence of humans. The fawn even posed for the pictures and was not at all camera-shy. Dominic named his new bud Flash and the name was inspired by a superhero from the DC comics. The images managed to garner many reactions and comments on Facebook. Here are the snaps for you to enjoy!

Talking to WhatzViral Team Stephanie mentioned “It’s lovely but people sometimes get the impression that he was playing outside “by himself” but grandma was loading the car and he was only a few feet away”.

Image Credit & More Info; facebook | stephanieee.orrantia/Instagram