Great Dane Decides The Elderly Woman He Meets On A Hike Is His Grandma Now

Alyssa Berkovitz is the proud owner of a Great Dane named Kernel. They are passionate about hiking and love the great outdoors very much. Whenever they get the opportunity they spend hours exploring the forest.

This is how Alyssa and Kernel met Grandma Wanda. They bumped into each other while they were on a hiking trail. Alyssa was not a fan of hiking before she got Kernel. After Kernel entered her life the two formed an instant bond.

Getting the Great Dane inspired her to start exploring hiking trails whenever she had some free time on her hands. Kernel was put into a daycare as Alyssa was busy with work at times. This is what inspired Alyssa to come up with a dog-walking program to ensure that dogs get adequate mental and physical stimulation. In 2017 she established an off-leash dog-walking program named Wagnificent Co. They focus on taking pups for hikes around the Boston area.

Alyssa was committed to the idea even though it was no easy task to take pups hiking as some required special preparation. On their hikes, Alyssa and Kernel met Wanda and Cal, an elderly couple. Unfortunately, Cal passed away and Wanda was all on her own. However, Kernel brought Wanda some much-needed solace since the dog shared a special bond with her. She too joined Alyssa’s dog-walking pack.

Kernel is also quite the troupe leader since he keeps the other dogs in check and ensures that they are happy. This Great Dane has a soft spot for grandmas. After all, they are known to give good cuddles and an unlimited supply of snacks. Forming an everlasting bond with Kernel enabled Wanda to deal with the death of her husband Cal.

Now Grandma Wanda makes sure to join the hikes organized by Alyssa’s dog-walking program every week. She enjoys patting and cuddling all the dogs but shares a special connection with Kernel. Their friendship is proof that dogs are loving animals that assist humans in overcoming grief and getting them through tough times.

Image Credit & More Info; kernelthegreatdane/Instagram