Sand Artist Creates Detailed Sand Sculptures

Andoni Bastarrika is a Spanish artist who brings sand to life with his life-like sand sculptures. His creations exemplify how such a tiny fragment such as sand could be a powerful medium for artistic expression. Some of his masterpieces include sand sculptures of ferocious alligators, adorable dogs, and majestic horses.

He began sculpting with sand in 2010 and his first artwork was that of a little mermaid. This creation enabled him to realize his talent for creating sculptures using sand and he has been developing his skills and perfecting the art of sand sculpting since then. 

#1. Look who landed on the shore.

#2. To those who want to have a close encounter with a bull. Now you don’t have to go all the way to Spain.

#3. To the horse fans out there.

#4. Imagine the power of a grain of sand.

#5. Creativity at its best.

#6. Imagine stumbling across this at night.

#7. Bringing sand to life with his art.

#8. If you’re too afraid to pet a live horse then this is the solution for you.

#9. When one of those horror movies about crocodiles turns out to be real.

#10. Giving us Jaws vibes.

#11. Just let me spread out my tentacles.

#12. Looking cute as cute can be.

#13. This is why art is such a powerful medium utilized to create awareness about significant issues.

#14. That morning mood when you’re too lazy to get out of bed, so you lie there like.

#15. Now I wouldn’t want to mess with this croc.

#16. Looks like someone got buried in the sand.

#17. Had a close encounter with a leopard.

#18. Who needs a better reason to be afraid of crocs? 

#19. Keep calm and slowly walk away. 

#20. Guess who I bumped into at the beach.

#21. How stunning is the detailing in this sculpture?

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