Woman Put a Camera On Bird Feeder In Her Yard, These Are The Pictures It Has Caught

Lisa is a resident of Michigan as well as someone passionate about avian photography. What inspired her was noticing the extraordinary birds that visit her house on a daily basis. Lisa was impressed with the diversity among the birds that visited her bird feeder. 

This was when she came up with the idea of creating a bird-friendly photo booth set up in her backyard that enables her to capture images of birds munching on the snacks she leaves out for them. She intended to photograph them without disrupting their natural habitat. Here are some images Lisa managed to capture and they are sure to brighten up your day.

#1. What do you think you’re looking at?

#2. When you know you’re being photographed so you give them a pose. 

#3. Reminds me of Red in the Angry Birds movie. 

#4. Tilt the phone for a better look.

#5. Now this is the definition of the word “grumpy”.

#6. This birdie ought to be in a rock band with that hair.

#7. Just chilling. 

#8. Looking proud as ever with that puffed-up chest. 

#9. Yummy. 

#10. Who do you think you are?

#11. Came to grab a quick snack.

#12. Oh hey there human. 

#13. Giving us the side-eye. 

#14. Showing off that stunning plumage.

#15. That one person who looks somewhere else instead of at the camera. 

#16. Does anyone care for some seeds?

#17. The look you give when you see someone doing something stupid. 

#18. Filling up my belly with seeds. 

#19. How your girlfriend looks at you after you annoy her. 

#20. Can’t decide between the worm, the berries, and the seeds.

#21. Do you mind if I eat in peace?

Image Credit & More Info; Instagram | ostdrossel.com | Facebook | twitter.com | youtube.com | tiktok.com