Push Her Away And She Will Realize How Strong She Actually Is

By. Anuradha

She might have come after you and loved you with all her heart. She would have waited for you and listened to you all the time. But, when you left her, she realized how strong she was. Yeah, she was devastated at first. She cried like a lunatic and waited for you to come and make things right. But with time she realized you were not worth it to even spend her tears on.

When you pushed her away, you helped her to realize how emotionally strong she was.

She understood her value and she learned to give true credit to herself. Losing you was the best thing that ever happened to her because now she never settles for anything less. She knows her true worth and she knows that she deserves someone who truly loves and cares for her. When she was with you, you only found faults in her. Even a caress or an affectionate word was considered as being offensive and you hurt her without any limits or boundaries. You never saw her value and you failed to appreciate her. So, once you left her, she found the courage to stand on her feet. Earlier, she thought that she can do nothing without you but now she is facing all the difficulties and challenges in her life and she is doing that gracefully.

By pushing her away, you helped her reconnect with herself.

When you were there with her, she was always trying to please you. She wanted your love and attention so much that she forgot her dreams and goals. She tried to grab your attention by doing things that you loved. She no longer went out with her friends, she followed all your restrictions and she forgot her passions. But, once you left her, she once again got the liberty and the opportunity to enjoy her life. She finally found the time and energy to reconnect with herself and by pushing her away, you gave her the freedom to explore herself.

That was the turning point for both of you. From that moment, you became strangers again.

Once you left her, she found the strength to move on. She is now enjoying her life and you gave her the chance to understand her real self by leaving her. Even though losing her was your fault, in return, you did something good and she is so glad about the way how things turned out.

So, thank you for leaving her, and hope you won’t try to ruin another beautiful life the same way.