10 Signs That Your Partner Is Deeply In Love With You Even If They Don’t Say It

By. Anuradha

There can be nothing more beautiful than two people falling in love with each other. You start enjoying your life when you are with the right person and your life will take a different turn when you know that there will always be someone by your side during your falls and your victories. However, one thing commonly heard among many couples is that their lives get boring after some time. Perhaps, your lover will no longer wake you up with an ‘I love you’ kiss and might not tell you how much he/she loves you.

But you need not worry about it too much because when words fail actions do! Sometimes, he/she will no longer express their love by words but we are going to tell you ten apparent signs that will show you, your significant other loves you way too much.

So, check out for these and if you notice any of these, then don’t panic anymore!

#1. They apologize a lot.

“Extending the olive branch to make peace in your relationship shows one person may love the other a bit more” – Vikki Ziegler, a divorce attorney and relationship expert.

Keeping the peace is one of the most important things in a long-term relationship. Sometimes, you would notice your partner apologizing quite often even for tiny things and that is because he/she needs to have a happy relationship and this shows how much your partner loves you and likes to have your company.

#2. Your partner always agrees with you.

“This shows an undying loyalty that one person may be more in love and willing to be a bit dishonest just to protect the other person in the relationship” she adds.

When your partner is in love with you immensely and unconditionally, you would see him/her standing by you through everything. They will always agree with you and will try to give much validity to your thoughts and ideas. This shows your partner is deeply in love with you.

#3. They make plans with you.

“checking with you before making plans means that your partner is prioritizing the relationship, it shows respect towards the other person and that their time and opinion is important” – Thereza Herring.

When you are always present in the thoughts and plans of your partner, you will see him/her always making plans where you are included. They will check with you before executing anything and this shows your partner does not only love you but also respects you and cares for you.

#4. They want to get to know you.

When your partner truly loves you, he/she will not always tell ‘I love You’ but will spend time to hear how your day has been. They will listen to your childhood stories, your worst fears, and your biggest achievements with equal interest. They want to know you in and out and when they put this much effort into your relationship, you can know if they are truly in love with you.

#5. They introduce you to their parents.

“your partner thinks it’s important for you to meet the most significant people in their life because you are important and they see a future with you” – April Davis.

This is another important sign that shows your partner needs you in his/her life. Meeting your partner’s parents is a very special and important step in your relationship and it ensures that your partner plans a life with you and that you are truly important to him/her.

#6. They remember important details about you.

“committed and invested partners tend to remember the little things and show that they care through gestures”.

Sometimes, remembering your birthday and anniversary would mean a lot to you and that is why your partner should take extra measures to remember all these tiny things. It shows your partner is very much considerate towards you and wants to make you happy in the first place.

#7. They always have time for you.

When your partner always finds time for you despite his/her busy schedule, that shows how much your partner loves you. They will postpone all other work just to go for an outing with you and when they put this much effort to make you happy, appreciate them, and show your love.

#8. They might send you long texts.

“If your partner sends lengthier messages, I can guess they are more into you than you are into them. It’s a sign they’re excited to talk to you and you are the person they are thinking about” – David Bennet

No matter whether you meet every day and see each other daily, these long texts would show that they are so much excited to have you and that you are the one they are thinking about throughout the day.

#9. They try to please you.

“Maybe they know you’ve had a long day. So dinner is waiting at home, or they pick you up and take you out so that you don’t have to worry about cooking”– Jaya Jaya Myra, author and lifestyle expert.

When you are loved so much by your partner, you would see him/her making extra effort to please you. Sometimes, it might be an occasional dinner out or some unexpected call telling he/she misses you. All these things are to please you and you should be so much fortunate to have someone like him/her.

#10. They are proud to have you in their life.

“I wouldn’t judge your relationship off of how many Facebook posts they publish of you, but just take note of whether or not they seem proud to have you in their arms, or if they are keeping things low-key in public”– Bethany Ricciardi

When your partner is so much proud of you, he/she will surely talk of you with friends and relatives and you will always feel special in his/her presence.

So, check whether these signs are there in your relationship too!