Architect Turned Old Cement Factory Into His Home

By. Anuradha

Artists can create wonders even out of a dead leave or a rusted chair. They see things that ordinary people like us usually don’t see and it’s their creativity that makes our world a beautiful and better place. When Ricardo Bofill accidentally noted a dilapidated cement factory back in 1973, he did not forget about its existence immediately after that like many of us. It was not just an old cement factory for him but a world of possibilities and that is how La Fabrica was born. It was slowly undergoing many changes and 4 years after that it has completely been transformed into a spectacular home that you all would love to live in!

This cement factory was initially a WW1-era pollution machine and it was closed down due to many reasons. It is located outside of Barcelona and when Ricardo and his team bought it first, they had to make many changes to give it a different and a fresh look. Ricardo started with partial deconstruction and he laced the exterior of the property with vegetation. The interior is built completely as a modern living and working space and this would be the ideal place for everyone who prefers a modern life but in seclusion and zero disturbance to live in.

They still made many changes and constructions to La Fabrica and now it looks like a place out of a fairy tale. Those old chimneys which earlier released harmful gases and smoke have now been turned into sleeping giants enjoying fresh breeze and covered with beautiful flora and fauna. There is no doubt that La Fabrica is the best example of how we can create wonders on the planet earth by using our creativity.

Humans are on a steady journey towards modernism but that journey would be successful as long as it is intertwined with nature. The example set out by Ricardo should be highly appreciated because of this.

So, scroll down to see some pictures and share your thoughts about this with us!

Image Credit & More Info: Ricardo Bofill

In 1973, Spanish artist Ricardo Bofill purchased a WW1-era cement factory near Barcelona.

He immediately saw potential in the building and began renovating it into his home.

After years of partial deconstruction, his team proceeded to furnish the interior as a modern living space.

The exterior was laced with vegetation and now it overflows with greenery.

The structure is now turned into a unique home.

Bofill wrote on his website that “a cement factory is a place of work par excellence”.

Each room in La Fabrica is designed in unique designs and no two rooms look alike.

Bofill also wrote that “I have the impression of living…in a closed universe which protects me from the outside and everyday life”.

“Life goes on here in a continuous sequence, with very little difference between work and leisure”.

“A variety of indoor and outdoor relaxation spots can be found throughout the property”.

“Workspace is also a crucial component here, as Bofill uses part of the residence as a studio”.

“The exterior is mostly covered by grass but also eucalyptus, palm and olive trees”.

“It gives the building a mysterious aspect of romantic ruin that makes it unique and unrepeatable”.

“The kitchen-dining room located on the ground floor is the meeting point for the family”.

“However, the factory is not finished and is still in progress”.

“Bofill likes the project’s constant evolution to his lifestyle and creative visions”.

“La Fabrica will always have further work to be done”.

“There is no doubt that with enough creative thinking any place can be turned into a wonderland”.