Playful Seal Pup Plants a Massive Kiss On Snorkeler

By: Anuradha

Life underwater is really amazing. If you ever have dive into great oceans or seas, you will know what I mean. When you wear the breathing apparatus with the required swimming tools, you can explore a world that you never knew before and that is the best thing about being able to dive. When you are surrounded by a school of fish or beautiful coral reefs, you will witness the most admirable sight in your life and that will be one of the best memories of your life.

We are talking about life underwater because we have a nice footage of a wonderful experience that happened to a diver recently. Our snorkeler was welcomed by a playful seal not under water but on the surface of it. In the footage, you will see how this seal pup plants huge kisses on the snorkeler’s lips and that is the most admirable kiss he will ever receive from a seal for sure!

The footage was filmed off the coast of Puerto Madryn in Argentina. According to The Crazy Tourist, this town coast is full of friendly seal life, with whales, dolphins, penguins and sea lions and the best thing is that all these sea animals can be found in one place.

The site also says that while the sea lions can be aggressive on land, they are really friendly and docile in the water and they playfully engage with humans and sometimes get too much intimate with humans as shown in the video above.

Just like humans, animals do like to be loved and they act wildly only if we provoke them. We all have a huge responsibility to protect these creatures because day by day our sea life is getting extinct in the world and we are the reason for that. When human dumps their trash to waterways and destroy sea water, it directly affects for the life of these animals who live in the sea and while enjoying their beauty and loveliness, you should also pay attention to the duty lying on your shoulders.

They love us and make us happy and if we can reciprocate the action, of course, the world will be a better place than this! (Video Credit: ViralHog)