Australian Firefighters Pose With Animals For 2019 Charity Calendar!

By: Anuradha

The profession of a firefighter is not something easy. It is really risky because you have to save the life of other people while risking your own and if something goes wrong, a massive destruction can occur. However, the guys from Australian Firefighters have proved that they are really big in heart even then we think them to be and that is why we decided to share this news with you!

Since 1993, they have been hosting their fund-raising calendar projects for charities like Children’s Hospital Foundation and this year they have decided to allocate their calendar space for cats!

When they pose with kittens last year, it went really viral and created a sensation and with that overwhelming response, they decided to create a Cat Calendar for 2019. All the funds would be donated to Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital and we are sure that their mission would be successful as all these pictures are incredibly nice and loving!

The photo shoot lasted for 17 days and the whole process behind these wonderful photographs is not something easy. But all the firefighters and the photographer needed to put their best outcome as it was not just another photo shoot but a mission to give a message to protect our wildlife.

As we all know, wildlife around the world is in a critical situation with the huge environment pollution that takes place and humans are largely responsible for this. Without thinking even a bit about the effect of our actions, we destroy nature and animals are the ones who directly suffer from it.

In the photo-shoot, they intend to make people aware of how beautiful nature is and why we should love it. So, while watching the beauty of the shoot, pay your attention to that fact as well and we are sure that you will enjoy it a lot!

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