Dad And His Baby Are Lip-Syncing To The Song “Girls Like You”

By: Anuradha

You might have already watched the video of this cute toddler singing along with her dad and I’m sure that you would have probably been too moved with the beauty and the love in it. Dad’s love is the best thing a daughter will ever have in her life and this little video clearly shows how beautiful is the bond between a dad and daughter is.

When the ‘lip-sync video craze’ came first, the internet was bombarded with several lip-sync videos of youngsters, teenagers, Police forces and even firefighters but the best that I have ever watched is none other than this lip-syncing of this two-year-old baby girl, Myla, and her dad. In the video the toddler is seen lip-syncing to Maroon 5’s popular song ‘Girls like You’ and their performance is just incredible. It was her mother, Trina Wesson who captured this perfect moment and when she shared it on Twitter and on Instagram, it went viral. Millions of people watched it all over the world and even it reached Adam Levine and Maroon 5 who retweeted it later.  

This video was absolutely amazing and that must be the reason why the internet could not simply take enough of it. The baby who was wrapped in a pink towel just not lip-sync the song but she seems to be enjoying it a lot and her adorable gestures with the sweet little smile will take all the stresses out of your head for sure.

Most of the babies are really cute but cuteness is overloaded in this video and the way how her dad keeps little Myla against him and laugh out for her sweet gestures is the best thing I saw recently. He was absolutely in love with the little girl and I’m sure that when she grows up, he will be her best friend for sure.

So, watch the video below if you have not watched it so far and even if you have already watched t, I’m sure that you will watch it once again because no one can get enough of it ever!