It’s Just One Straw, It’s Just One Disposable Cup, It’s Just One Plastic Bag – 7.4 Billion People!

By: Anuradha

‘Once there was a beautiful planet with blue colored water all around it. There were several animals and plants and the beauty of this planet was further intensified with various land features like waterfalls and rivers. That was the best time of the planet! Everyone was happy and everyone had more than enough foods to eat and water to drink. The planet was like a living paradise and everyone loved the life there!’

Sometimes, this would be what we have to say our kids who will no longer be able to see the beauty of the planet Earth. Because of the huge environmental pollution that takes place, day by day the life of Earth is dying and in near future, we will have to face a situation where we would even have to pay for the oxygen that we breathe. Humans do not think much about the nature around them as they are busy in ‘developing the world’ and the saddest thing is that this development is basically done by cutting down huge trees, polluting the clean waterways and by polluting the air around us.

Sometimes, it might be just one straw or one plastic bag that you throw out to nature. But have you ever considered the fact that there are 7.4 billion people in the world? What will happen when all of us think like this and pollute the nature around us irresponsibly? Yeah, you can see the consequence of our own thoughtless actions as it is reported that several aquatic and terrestrial animals are dying daily because of the huge environment pollution. These innocent animals are dying because of the loss of their natural habitats which have been destroyed by humans and because of the consumption of substances which are not degradable. Dear humans, this is just the start. Soon there will be a time where we all have to suffer and we all would be too late to regret then.

So, please think more than twice before you throw away your trash to waterways. If you can spend some time daily and separate your garbage and hand them over to recycling centers, it will be an investment for future. We are humans and we are considered as the most intelligent animal on Earth. So, why can’t we think before polluting the environment? We should keep in mind that though it is easy to throw away our waste, one day we have to suffer and it will not be comfortable then.

So, please take actions to protect our Mother Earth because she protects us and we have a responsibility to protect her as well!

A cotton bud attached to a seahorse

Plastic bags dumped to the sea.

Sea turtle trapped in a fishing net

A cotton bud inside a jellyfish 

Polluted Sea

Rays swims among plastic bags etc

Sea Lion trying to eat a plastic bottle

Used tyres dumped to the ocean

Sea lion trapped in a fishnet

A stork trapped in a plastic bag

Seabird trying to eat a plastic bag

A Dolphin swims in polluted waters

Turtle trying to eat a plastic bag

Plastic waste dumped to waterways

Polluted river

This is the high time for you to take a right decision!