Pink Robin, The Little Ball Of Joy Is So Beautiful And It’s Too Perfect To Be Real

By. Anuradha

Many people are in love with birds. They are exquisite, little creatures who are extremely pretty and there is no wonder why people can’t stop admiring their cuteness. If you are a bird watcher, you would probably have a catalogue filled with details about birds and we thought of sharing some details about a pretty bird so that you can fill another page of your bird book!

The Pink Robin or this little pretty creature is commonly found in Tasmania, King and Flinders Islands and the wetter parts of Victoria and southeastern New South Wales. They are extremely shy and therefore, a bit hard to spot. But, if you are a careful and patient bird watcher, then they will surely offer one of the prettiest views with their unique plumage.

Image Credit & More Info: Ambika B

These birds prefer damp places and therefore, they often reside in the temperate forest or tropical moist lowland forest. Their nest is also unique as they make it out of moss. They generally add feathers as their bedding, and you can see them using spider webs to bind all these materials.

The females of this breed have an olive-brown colour and a dash of pink on their bellies. They do not inherit the distinct pinkish colour that their males do but when it comes to mating, the females are in an advantageous position as their feather colours do not have a big impact. However, the male partners are often selected based on how pink their plumage is and the one with a striking pinkish colour often gets selected as a preferable mate among others.

They generally lay three to four eggs at a time and without any doubt, these pink robins are surely one of the prettiest birds alive.

So, scroll down to see the little video through which you can understand how quick and fast they are. Do let us know your thoughts about this pretty bird in the comment section below!

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