Cat Who Raised Dog From a Puppy Licks Him Every Night Before Going to Bed

By. Anuradha

Parental love is amazing. The feelings a mother and father has towards their child cannot be described by words as it is beautiful and impeccable.However, some parents deeply love kids that they didn’t even give birth to. They equally treat and adore these adopted babies and we recently heard about a cat mom who licks her dog daughter every night before sleeping.

This cat mom named Alfredo met this dog Pic when she was just eight weeks old. The little puppy had no mummy and was helpless back then. So, instantly Alfredo fell in love with her and her maternal instincts told her that the puppy needed love. So, from the first night onwards both the cat and the dog slept together and now even though Pic has grown up, their habit continues.

Their human owner; Joey recently upload a clip of Alfredo giving Pic a bath before she sleeps every night and it soon went viral on the internet as many people were awed by this love between a cat and a dog. Normally as we all know, cats and dogs are enemies but we also hear stories about both these species living together in love and harmony.

A lot of people commented on this adorable moment and we picked some of the best ones.

One commented: “I can’t stop watching this over and over again. A cat raising a dog. My favourite kind of story!”

Many comments envisaged what Alfredo would be thinking as she groomed her adopted offspring.

One suggested her thinking: “I may not have given birth to her but she’s still my child.”

And another wrote: “You’re a weird-looking cat, but I’ll clean you up anyway. It’s time for bed. Let’s get comfy and I’ll see you in the morning. I love you, weird cat.

While a further fan of the story humorously asked if Pic had become convinced she is a cat, writing: “Does the dog meow?”

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