Meet Mya, The Pomeranian-Husky Mix That Looks Just Like A Little Fox

By. Anuradha

Dogs are one of the best lovers in the world. When you fall in love with a dog, you know how amazing it can be. They know when you are sad and they also sense your happiness and depending on your mood, they always do something to cheer you up. So, when you have a dog nearby, you never feel lonely as they surely are the best buddies we can ever have.

Mya is also an adorable dog but even more than being affectionate and lovely, she is known among many for her unique look. She looks so much like a fox and people who meet her for the first time, always mistake her for a fox. She is a ‘Pomsky’ or a mix between a Pomeranian and a Husky but more than inheriting the features of these dog breeds, she resembles a fox.

Image Credit & More Info: Mya The Pomsky

A picture of hers recently appeared on Reddit and that was when the internet community immediately fell in love with her unique looks. Her bright blue eyes and the coppery coloured fur make her standout among other dogs and there is no wonder why people went mad over her beauty.

So, scroll down to see some of the most beautiful pictures of her and do not forget to share them among all dog lovers.

While some of us are in the habit of raising dogs of good breeds, we should also take some time to think about the innocent dogs living in shelters. Sometimes, they die without ever being loved by anyone and therefore, if you are looking to adopt a dog, don’t buy a dog from someone but go to your local shelter and try to provide a nice home for one of the innocent souls living there. All dogs are equally admirable and lovely for sure but if we can extend some kindness and love a dog who is really in need of it, then it would be much worthy.

So, while enjoying the pictures of Mya, also give a thought about this little message and we are waiting to hear your thoughts!