Caged For Years Lynx Finally Raises Her Own Kittens

By. Anuradha

One of the saddest things about humans is how inhumane they have become over the years. They are cruel not only towards fellow humans but also towards poor animals and knowingly or unknowingly you might even have contributed to this villainy. Some people raise animals for breeding purposes and this is one of the most inhumane things that ‘humans’ are doing because they get female animals impregnated with/ without their will and they also never think twice to take the newly-born babies away from their moms. These animals as a result get both physically and psychologically traumatized and we heard of a lynx who was fortunate enough to get away from some evil humans who treated her badly and was finally able to experience the true beauty of life.

This lynx was kept in captivity for years and each time she gave birth to a litter, the babies were taken away and sold as luxury pets over the world and there are also details about them being sold for fur.
However, Dr Victor Lukarevsky and his team heard of this unfortunate lady and that was when they decided to change her future. Dr Lukarevsky’s mission was to rescue the animals in captivity and rehabilitate them and help them to go back to the wild. He has rescued several animals up to now and they were released to a free environment at the rehabilitation centre in Russia where they can live freely as wild animals.

However, it was not easy for this lynx mother to adapt to this new environment at first. She did not trust any of the humans around her and showed signs of stress and depression.

However, after spending some time in the great outdoors, a better diet and some loving treatment, she began to react positively. They are also taught some hunting skills to survive in the wild and we hope that when she is released from the rehabilitation centre, she will be able to lead a happy and independent life in the wild.

So, If you enjoyed the pictures of this lovely lynx and do not forget to encourage your friends to go to the local shelter if they need a pet.

PS: Image credit goes to the original owner. Contact us for any means necessary.