Golden Retriever Parents Watch Over Their Adorable 7 Newborn Puppies

By. Anuradha

Becoming parents for the first time is quite exciting. The time that you spent as carefree lovers would no longer exist and instead of gazing at the stars while laying on your balcony or having a fully romantic dinner out, you have to check your baby’s diapers, cuddle them whenever they are crying and always watch out for them to make sure that they don’t knock their head on something.

This description is extremely valid when it comes to human parents and the situation is not that different even when it comes to dog parents. The puppies are always trying to run here and there playing with each other and as dog moms give birth to several puppies, all these siblings have to be watched.

We found a video clip of an adorable golden retriever family who celebrated the joy of being first-time parents and we are sure that you will all love their cuteness.

When this Golden Retriever parent gave birth to seven little puppies, the situation was not different from us humans. Both mom and dad always try to do their best to keep this huge family together and whenever they see someone being extremely naughty, the dad gives a little growl to make sure that the kids learn to be obedient and decent from their younger days itself.

Moreover, this dog daddy in the video is extremely affectionate and you can see him looking after the pups while the dog mom gets her much needed rest. As we all know Golden Retrievers are naturally affectionate and this video shows how much they love their own families.

There is no wonder why humans always have a strong connection with dogs because they deserve all that love and attention and when you see this video, you can see how gentle and kind they are with one another too.

So, share the video among all the dog lovers in your friend list and if you are also a proud owner of a dog family, then do not forget to share the pictures with us!