Photographer Captured Once-In-Lifetime Shot Of The Moon Dressed As Saturn

By. Anuradha

If you are a lover of sky gazing, you would surely know how gratifying it is to lay on the bare ground and stare at the infinite sky above you. Particularly, sleeping under the light of a thousand stars or waking up early in the morning to see the rising sun are some of the best things about being born and I know I do not have to explain that feeling to any sky lovers out there. If you also happened to be a photographer who is in love with the sky, then you would also know how to capture the best shots and we heard of someone like that who got the best shot of the moon recently!

Francisco Sojuel is from Guatemala and he was able to capture the moon dressed as Saturn recently. The picture was taken from the Acatenango volcano base camp and he had to take a six-hour long hike just to climb there. But the effort seems worth it as this picture is once-in-a lifetime shot and all of us moon lovers are so thankful for this talented photographer for capturing this shot.

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Early morning before sunrise, he had seen this cirrostratus cloud made of ice crystals around the moon and it gave moon the appearance of Saturn. Sojuel artistically captured this natural phenomenon through his lens and in the lower part of the image you can also spot the silhouette of the Pacaya volcano. Guatemala has always been the home to natural beauty and these shots are powerful evidence to show how beautiful the country is. Mingled with the early morning breeze and light, these pictures perfectly capture the elegance and the magnificence of the natural world and we are sure that you will love all of these shots Sojuel has taken.

Here Are Some Few Other Amazing Pictures Captured By Him.

So, If you enjoyed the beauty of this natural world and do not forget to share these pictures among your friends who might also like to have a sneak peek at this beauty. Nature is surely the most wonderful thing about Earth and the more you enjoy its beauty, the more you love it and preserve it!