The Adventures Of Mr.Pokee The Hedgehog And Its Bengal Best Friend

By. Anuradha

Some of the best friendships are formed between the most unusual pairs. Sometimes, you might notice that your best buddy is the opposite of you. He/she likes spicy food whereas you prefer sweets and they prefer to spend time in the comfort of their home while you like to go out and experience things. Nevertheless, you enjoy each other’s preferences, dislikes and move along with everything perfectly because you love each other a lot, so you endure all these mismatches.

The hedgehog and the cat of our story are also a pair like that. Who on earth would have thought that a hedgehog would ever befriend a cat? But, Herbee the hedgehog and Audree the Bengal kitten have proven that you need not be the same in order to build friendships with others and I am sure that you would also be fascinated with this unusual friendship.

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Both Herbee and Audree are members of Mr.Pokee’s family. Talitha Girnus is their owner and she constantly updates social media about this wonderful friendship so that now Herbee and Audree have a huge fan base.

They have over 1.9M followers on Instagram and people are daily checking on them to see what’s new in their life. Talitha captures wonderful pictures of the duo against stunning backgrounds and their cuteness emphasized by the beauty of the surroundings, always make their pictures go viral on the internet.

Speaking to us, Talitha mentioned that,

“A few months after I adopted Herbee from a girl who couldn’t keep him due to severe allergic reactions, I adopted Audree. She was three months old when I got her and she was originally already reserved for someone who wanted to breed with her. But the lady cancelled on her two days before I called.”

She also added that,

“It has been my dream for so many years to have a cat and Bengals get along well with other pets. I wanted a special cat that would go on adventures and travel with me, so there wasn’t much choice on the breed. And then one night I had a dream that I had a Bengal cat that I took on adventures and we became the best friends ever. When I woke up and realized it was only a dream, I became sad. But a few moments later I realized that this dream wasn’t something that couldn’t turn into reality. And so I started to Google.

The first cat I found was Audree and I saw her and knew it. When I called the lady she told me the story and I felt like it was meant to be. Audree has 3 brothers while I have 2 brothers. They always played like crazy and she would be right there next to them being a bit shy and just watching. Just like me as a child.”

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