Rare Petrified Wood With Turquoise Opal On The Inside Discovered in Australia

By. Anuradha

Nature never ceases to surprise us. Sometimes, out of the blue, we get to hear things that we never even thought would exist and there is no doubt that these things are the reason why we are intrigued by nature and its mystery. Some people devote their entire life, entire fortune and time to explore these hidden gems and thanks to technology and its advancement, we are privileged enough to witness some of these discoveries!

A Reddit user named Adymma 90 recently shared a picture that went viral. She found a piece of petrified wood with a structure of a rare turquoise opal inside it. This was absolutely fascinating and many people immediately shared the picture as it was something that occurs once in a lifetime. She found this fascinating piece of wood in Queensland, Australia and this is evidence to show the magnificent and beautiful side of our Mother Earth.

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image Credit: reddit

During the long permineralization process, this petrified wood piece which is a fossil, has been replaced by minerals giving it this opal structure beneath the wood layer. So, it is the organic matter inside the wood which has given birth to this opal structure. Opals are the basis of gemstones and they are used frequently in jewellery making. In some cultures, people wear opal stones to get protection from evil forces and they associate these stones with sacred forces in nature. Moreover, opals are also capable of changing colours when you light them up. So, to put it simply, opals are precious and we feel equally envious as well as happy for the person who found this.

Image Credit: pinterest

So, if you enjoyed the pictures we found of this opal structure and there is no doubt that you would also be able to spot these sort of wonders if you pay enough attention to the nature around you. All that it needs is enough patience and good observational skills and I am sure that there might be something special waiting for you out there!