Traffic Camera Captured Stunning Video Of A Snowy Owl

By. Anuradha

December is surely the best month of the year for most of us. It is the month that we all have been waiting for throughout the year and particularly, when we were young, December surely would have meant the arrival of Santa and Christmas! It the most happening month of the year and to see shops filled with people who are also filled with joy would have been such a sight for sure!

However, apart from the Christmas vibes. December also means something else for us. This is also the winter season which means you get to play in the snow! Yeah, even if you have lived your whole life surrounded by snow, still seeing snowflakes running down would be a sight to cheer you up and evoke memories of happy and fine days.

But, we are neither going to talk about Christmas nor snow but about a special guest who came to the town for Christmas!

A snowy owl from the Arctic made his way to Montreal to enjoy the Christmas blessings and this new visitor did not even forget to pose for a camera. A traffic camera in Montreal captured the sight of this rare bird and it went viral as snowy owls are a very rare sight.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature has declared snowy owls as a ‘vulnerable’ species. They can soon become endangered and disappear from the face of the earth forever. Even though, the arrival of the bird to the town was considered as a happy sight, if we think deeply this unusual visit also indicates the consequences of climatic changes. It is no longer a secret that the Earth is facing its worse years. Global warming has significantly resulted in melting down the ice in the north pole and it is said that the temperature change in the Arctic, Antarctic and Atlantic oceans have caused a huge impact on the animals who live there.

So, the reason behind the snowy owl’s journey might also be the result of some such change. So, while enjoying the video, please make sure to share this news among others and remind them of their responsibility to save mother earth!