21 Naughty Pets Who Didn’t Expect You’d Be Home So Soon

By. Anuradha

Can you remember the time when we all longed for our parents to get out of the house to do all kinds of mischief? Those times when we got the whole house just for ourselves was heavenly and if you have also been a bad boy, you would surely know what I am talking about. The time spent on checking up mom’s latest cosmetics, experimenting with garage tools and teaching your younger sibling a good lesson for messing with your stuff would forever be in our memory and I am sure that you would have a lot more to share with us.

However, it seems that it is not only kids but also our pets wait for us to get out of the house to have the best time of their life. Even though your cute cat or your cuddly dog might appear extremely loving and obedient in your presence, we can prove that they have a side that is completely unknown to you. They might invite their neighbouring cat and dog friends to have a tea party at your place, open up the latest pillows you bought for the sofa to check whether there is anything suspicious inside or might even have a hearty nap on the master bedroom! You will never know what they will decide to do and therefore, we thought of sharing some pictures to show how these pets react when they get caught red-handed.

Anyway, you cannot blame them because these pictures show that they seem surprised to find you so early at home! So, if you ever leave your pets alone at home, then please make sure to let them know before you come back. If not there will be a lot of surprises heading your way and you will never know what to expect!

Scroll down to have a look at these pictures and do not forget to share your thoughts with us!

#1. This cat and dog duo look like they’ve been up to no good. (Pippi111 / reddit)

#2. This pup knows how to relax. (hercules25 / reddit)

#3. “Caught him trying to pickpocket my mom’s purse.” (Schumi_jr05 / reddit)

#4. “Oh, uh, we were just testing out the new doors for you…” (crazydarklord / reddit)

#5. “Hey!! You’re home! I’ve missed you so much!” (robbiekhan / reddit)

#6. This little duo was just hugging… honest… (dipietsbaby / reddit)

#7. Just hanging out. Nothing to see here. (Vandelay797 / reddit)

#8. “When he knows he’s not supposed to be on the couch.” (kapiandkylo / Tumblr)

#9. Nothing to see here. Just staying hydrated… (jennastoya / Twitter)

#10. This mischievous pup was caught red-handed. (hthi1801 / Imgur)

#11. “I just wanted to help you knead…” (koreanegg / Imgur)

#12. “Thank God you’re home. There was a monster in the trash can!” (synthetic-princess / Tumblr)

#13. “I haven’t found what they broke yet.” (operationnos / reddit)

#14. “I look better in these than you do.” (deleted / reddit)

#15. “Oh hey, dad! Do you like my new feather blanket?” (Helloamby / reddit)

#16. “Umm, I can explain…” (EleeJhon1 / Imgur)

#17. “Just teaching my sibling a wrestling move!” (rezoe / reddit)

# 18. “I just needed to cool down, I promise…” (TheNinjaJedi / reddit)

#19. And at that moment, this cat realized the mistake he had made. (chiconyesc / Imgur)

#20. “Let’s be honest, this isn’t the worst thing you’ve caught me doing.” (deleted / Imgur)

#21. She doesn’t care if you’re home early. They’re her sausages now. (gaspodethewonderdog / Imgur)