Museum Asks People To Recreate Paintings At Home, Gets 21 New Impressive Photos

By. Ran

We are bored out of our minds. And as always, art comes to our rescue! These art challenges have been taking the internet by storm and we can’t get enough of the incredible creations. One of them is the Getty Museum challenge that so many of you have already seen in our previous article here.

The challenge invites people to recreate famous paintings and portraits with what they can find easily. Apparently, people love to dress up and compete with each other over who can recreate a well-known painting better. And it has been great!

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#1. Sharaku Kabuki Portrait. (kentomizunodesign)

#2. Picasso’s “Woman In A Hat With Pompoms And A Printed Blouse”. (InfiniteCatPower)

#3. Rembrandt “Portrait Of A Woman With Gloves”. (tussenkunstenquarantaine)

#4. The Death Of Marat. (akonith)

#5. Like A King by Afarin Sajedi. (tgarron)

#6. Gustav Klimt “Mother And Child”. (tussenkunstenquarantaine)

#7. “La Ricitos” By Baldomero Gili. (Panku14)

#8. Edvard Munch “The Scream”. (tussenkunstenquarantaine)

#9. Frida Kahlo. (tussenkunstenquarantaine)

#10. The Temptation Of St. Anthony by Joos Van Craesbeeck. (tussenkunstenquarantaine)

#11. Pop Art Figures by Keith Haring. (tussenkunstenquarantaine)

#12. “The Son Of Man” By René Magritte. (tussenkunstenquarantaine)

#13. “Christina’s World” By Andrew Wyeth. (echothatislove)

#14. “Lady With An Ermine” By Leonardo Da Vinci. (tussenkunstenquarantaine)

#15. Girl Before A Mirror, Picasso, 1932. (Ariellacharny)

#16. The Great War by Rene Magritte. (tussenkunstenquarantaine)

#17. Le Chat Noir. (badgers_arse)

#18. Portrait Of Toyotomi Hideyoshi by Kano Mitsunobu. (JHSalem)

#19. The Sleepy Clown Needs Rest After Trying With All Her Might To Make People Smile In Times Of Darkness. (jennyistrying)

#20. Jan Asselijn “The Threatened Swan”. (tussenkunstenquarantaine)

#21. The Veiled Virgin By Giovanni Strazza, Early 1850s. (randybruder)

So what do you think? These photos are amazing, aren’t they? What about trying to recreate your own favorite photo with stuff you can find at home? Doesn’t sound like such a bad idea right? Try it out, it could be fun!