Two High School Students Invented A Solar-Heated Dog House To Protect Stray Dogs And Cats From The Cold

By. Anuradha

Winter is a much-loved season for many of us. The beautiful snowy gardens, people sharing festive vibes and finally finding some time to enjoy your life is always desirable and welcoming. However, the freezing coldness that comes with the season often makes our lives complicated and you might have had several bad memories of getting cold and sneezing for the rest of the season.

But, have you ever thought of how animals manage throughout this season? If you have a pet who is loved by everyone at home, then there is no doubt that your pet would stay cozy inside your home. But, what about the stray animals who do not have a place to stay or anything to cover themselves with?

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Even though you might not have thought about this before, the condition of stray animals in the winter season is pathetic. Especially, the sight of poor dogs on the streets is heart-breaking and sometimes it is hard even to imagine how they manage to survive the season.

Oguz Ozgur and Ahmet Ercan, two students from Turkey also noticed how poor dogs try to find at least a little warmth in their backyard during the winter season. They wanted to help them and that is when they got the brilliant idea to create a solar-heated kennel for street dogs! They shared their idea with their biological professor Muzaffer Efe, who was also willing to help the boys to engage in their expedition. The boys were able to collect 100 liras and they were able to conduct their project within this budget.
The batteries located within these shelters would collect and store solar energy and will transfer the heat to the mats kept at the base of the shelter. So, whenever dogs choose to have a nap, they can come in and they would be welcomed by a warm mat that would enable them to have a comfortable nap.

The mechanism is very simple but there is no doubt that this device would make the lives of stray dogs’ so much better. The biology professor of the student’s said that he was very proud of his two students and we hope that other countries will follow this initiative too in order to create a better life for poor dogs.