Partners Who Really Love Each Other Tend To Get Fat!

By: Anuradha

When a couple is truly in love, the whole world can seem different in their eyes. They will do anything to make the other one happy and sometimes, even without their knowing they would change their ways and means to make the other one happy. A recent study found out that the couples who are truly in love tend to grow fat and this might be shocking news for many who are in love!

A lot of researchers carried out earlier have proved that when two people begin to have a comfortable relationship with each other, they tend to grow fat. It was found out by a research conducted from the University of Queensland, Australia and they researched 6,459 women. The research lasted for 10 years.

In the research, they found out that lots of women who were within the 20-30 age groups, married or are in a serious relationship have noticeably increased their weight, unlike the women who are single.  The women who were engaged in the experiment have increased their weight by 4-5 kilos and the significant thing is that even males were reported to have increased their weight.

A new research was conducted based on men by Southern Methodist University in Dallas. They studied 169 couples for over 4 years and they came up with the conclusion that even men increase their weight when they are in a healthy relationship.

A thesis from the University of York came to the same conclusion that there was no difference between the man and the woman in the relationship. Both of them gain a bit more weight and therefore good weight gain has become a sign of a good relationship.

So why do we get fat when we are in a relationship?

An exact answer to the above question has not found as yet but scientists have said that the closeness of healthy relationship might influence their habits and partners might easily get adapted to their partner’s way of life. Moreover, it was found out that women in relationships tend to eat more sugary junks which in turn cause them to grow faster. Sometimes, women also try to eat as much as their partner without remembering that most guys have a larger appetite.

Another reason why couples tend to grow fatter is that they spend a lot of time together cuddling and doing lots of domestic works together like doing the dishes.

And when you live alone, you might not pay much attention to what you eat at all. When you don’t feel like cooking you might go out or you might skip meals. But when you are with someone else, you tend to cook as best as you could to please your partner and this, in turn, can contribute to the weight that you put on.

There are people who totally move away from doing exercises and practicing other healthy habits when they get a partner. Once they find someone they no longer try to stay good looking or healthy but they focus more on keeping that person happy. So, eventually, they can forget themselves and end up in getting fat.

Moreover, when a couple is stable and when they find pleasure in each other’s company they will try to stay indoors and settle for cooking and watching movies together. These activities would result in an apparent weight gain.

Moreover, when you are happy and positive, you have an improved appetite and you might eat a lot even without your notice. So, because of all these reasons, a couple who is in love might grow fat and what we have mentioned here are only general conclusions to which there are lots of exceptions to the rules.